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Mamma Mia Farm Tour with Canola Eat Well

* Photo credit: Unless otherwise noted, all photos are by Jeffrey Chan courtesy of Canola Eat Well. One of the best things about blogging is meeting people from a variety of industries that I wouldn’t otherwise meet in my day to day life. I recently spent a day, with some fabulous ladies, learning about canola farming and the use of…


Highlights of our Hyannis Holiday

We vacationed with our friends in Hyannis, Cape Cod earlier this summer. With 4 young children between the two families, we were looking forward to spending quality time with our kids and catching up with each other. My husband and I had traveled to Hyannis over 6 years ago. We had positive memories of Hyannis and remember it as a laid-back…


Weekend Getaway to Prince Edward County

The first time I heard about Prince Edward County (PEC) was when I was practicing as a junior associate and learned, from a Partner, that he had a vineyard in the County. At the time, he and two of his close friends were planting vines with a view to eventually producing their first vintage. That was almost 15 years ago. Since that time, I have continued to hear about the County’s wonderful…