About Me

Like all women, I wear many hats. I’m a wife, mother, entrepreneur, lawyer, blogger, jewelry designer, artisan cookie and cupcake creator, home chef and crafter. This blog is a reflection of my many interests and loves. If you are passionate, like me, and love to create, eat, entertain and travel, this is the blog for you.

Thinking back to where the creative spark first emerged, I have an early childhood memory of making a collage out of construction paper with my mother. The collage featured a classic house, garden, tree and sun made out of simple cut out shapes. As a young child, I was most impressed with the clouds that we made out of cotton balls. Inspired by this wonderful memory, I recreated a new version of this collage with my 6 year old daughter last year.

As a teenager, I recall making custom soaps as gifts for my friends and monogramming dinner plates for Christmas. Now, as an adult, I love organizing themed birthday parties for my daughter, designing semi-precious jewelry, baking and cooking. I find inspiration in details everywhere around me and often get excited about the little things. In my world, moments of inspiration are endless. I feel incredibly blessed to find such joy in little details. I also continue to look for inspiration in the work of others (including my talented friends and family!) and like to put a personal stamp on my creations.

In addition to my hobbies, I love to travel and eat. Exploring the world feeds my soul. While my home town is Toronto, I have been fortunate to have lived in places such as London, New York City, Hong Kong and Paris. These experiences have heightened my love of food from different cultures. I’m always on the hunt for new gastronomic delights and like to plan our trips abroad around culinary experiences.

This blog is created in the spirit of sharing ideas and giving back to the online community that has been so gracious in sharing their ideas with me.

With excitement and gratitude,

The Inspired Hostess

*I love sharing recommendations and tips. My approach is that I don’t recommend experiences or services unless I would recommend them to my family and friends. Unless specifically noted, my recommendations are not sponsored. For transparency, I will always indicate if an experience or service has been sponsored in the relevant blog post. Thanks for following!