Feeling a little goofy this weekend and inspired by the new Emoji movie that was recently released, I baked these emo-carons for the kids. Using my classic vanilla macaron recipe, I used mix of Golden Yellow and Bright Yellow Wilton gels for colouring the shells and decorated the shells with edible markers. It took me…


DIY Glitter Easter Eggs

We’re days away from the Easter long weekend. After a long winter, I can’t wait. And the kids are super excited about¬†hunting Easter eggs this weekend in our annual neighbourhood Easter egg hunt. Like many families, decorating Easter eggs is a family tradition in our home. I love finding crafts that I can do with…


Confetti Macaron Recipe

I’ve been on a macaron journey for the past year and the journey has had its ups and downs. After baking hundreds of macarons, I think I can finally say that I finally have the hang of it…well, sort of…occasionally, my¬†batches turn out too moist or too crisp. I also recently baked shells that turned…


Sweets to Ring in the New Year

Last year, we decided to host a New Year’s Eve¬†bash to celebrate with our family and friends. New Year’s Eve is a¬†natural time to¬†reflect on all of the¬†challenges and blessings of the past year. It’s also a¬†wonderful opportunity to¬†celebrate the¬†arrival of the¬†new year¬†with¬†loved ones.¬†With each passing year, I’m reminded that time really does fly by.¬†It’s…

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