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Feeling a little goofy this weekend and inspired by the new Emoji movie that was recently released, I baked these emo-carons for the kids. Using my classic vanilla macaron recipe, I used mix of Golden Yellow and Bright Yellow Wilton gels for colouring the shells and decorated the shells with edible markers. It took me…


Confetti Macaron Recipe

I’ve been on a macaron journey for the past year and the journey has had its ups and downs. After baking hundreds of macarons, I think I can finally say that I finally have the hang of it…well, sort of…occasionally, my batches turn out too moist or too crisp. I also recently baked shells that turned…


My Macaron Journey

A perfect macaron is a beautiful thing. Macarons are one of my favourite treats. It’s well known amongst bakers that macarons can be challenging to make. Getting the right texture, consistency and form is no easy feat. In fact, as I’ve experienced first hand, there are moments when it can make you feel like you’re…


Prince Inspired Cookies

I was sitting at my desk when a friend texted me about Prince’s death on Thursday. I had the same reaction that I had when I heard about Michael Jackson’s passing. It was a moment of disbelief. So sudden. So talented. A bright star whose light was extinguished prematurely. When I woke up yesterday morning, I…


Navy and White Winter Cookies

Happy New Year!! I hope your holiday season was as inspiring and spirited as ours. I can hardly believe the festive season is over but look forward to a new year with lots of quality time with family and friends and new sources of inspiration for creative projects! I’ve recently become enamored with the combination of…

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