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72 hours in Reykjavik, Iceland – Top 15 Tips

To celebrate my husband’s milestone birthday, I wanted to plan a short getaway to a¬†fun destination.¬†My list of criteria included¬†great food, a vibrant nightlife,¬†a bit of¬†culture and history, unique experiences and a destination no more than 6 hours away by flight. I’ll admit,¬†it was a tall¬†order to satisfy. Pondering the usual destinations in the US,…


BE INSPIRED by Chef Mark McEwan

It was in my undergraduate years when¬†my eyes were first opened to the Toronto culinary scene.¬†At the time, I was¬†working¬†part-time at a high end¬†department store and recall conversations amongst clients¬†about the fabulous food at North 44.¬†It was then¬†that I learned about Chef Mark McEwan.¬†Almost 20 years later,¬†through¬†cautious and steady growth,¬†Chef¬†McEwan¬†has turned his first restaurant¬†in North…


Elegant Malibu Wedding

The love story between Meighan and Rami started out as¬†a Canadian-U.S. cross-border romance that quickly blossomed into a marriage proposal a year later.¬†The two¬†were married in May 2013 at Adamson House¬†in Malibu, California. The elegant and modern affair reflected the¬†bride and groom’s personal styles. Both are avid scuba divers and surfers so it was natural…