Peppa and George Pig Birthday Party – Part 2

Around the time when my son turned two, he was obsessed with Peppa and George Pig. He loved the muddy puddles story and, before he could utter his first words, he could hum the tune to the Peppa Pig series. So it was a no-brainer to go with the Peppa and George Pig theme for his second birthday party. I still recall him jumping, with absolute delight, on the DIY muddy puddles that I had made out of felt, hollering “muddee puddows!” on his birthday. 

It was fun trying to come up with Peppa Pig themed treats. I particularly enjoyed making “oink oink marshmallow” snouts. I created these by dipping white marshmallows into water, coloured with pink food colouring gel, drying them on a rack and drawing nostrils on each marshmallow with an edible food colouring pen. If your local grocery store sells large pink marshmallows, it’s obviously easier to purchase a pack. However, my local store didn’t carry them at the time; so I had to get creative by dying my own.

In one of the Peppa Pig stories, Peppa and George drink lemonade with dinner. So I decided to feature lemonade in mason jars with fun paper straws. 

If you’ve read the Peppa Pig stories or watched the series, you’ll know that Peppa and George Pig love jumping in muddy puddles. That was the inspiration behind my muddy puddles pudding. I used crushed Oreo cookies as the “ground soil”, lining the bottom of the cups, topped with chocolate pudding. I displayed the muddy puddings on a baby bottle drying rack designed to look like a bed of grass. Another alternative is displaying your muddy puddings on green felt or a bed of scrunched up green tissue paper to achieve a similar effect.
I also baked red velvet cupcakes, topped with whipped cream cheese frosting and decorated with Peppa and George Pig fondant toppers. These were incredibly fun to make with different parts of fondant and cookie cutters to create Peppa and George Pig faces. 

For a final touch, I wrapped the water bottles with George Pig water bottle wrappers that I found on Pinterest.

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to create your own Peppa and George Pig themed party!

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