DIY arrangements for $30 or less

I recently arranged the floral centerpieces for my brother’s wedding and used the remaining flowers to put together a few simple centrepieces for the house. Understandably, when planning a wedding, most couples are focused on the budget and want to ensure maximum bang for the buck. The costs of putting together an engagement party, bridal shower and/or wedding can quickly add up. One of the best ways to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, is to put together your own centerpieces. Though, it takes effort and hours of work so best to enlist some help from good friends, family members or the bridal party to make the process go faster!

Here are a few centerpiece ideas for a shower, party or wedding that won’t break the bank. Each arrangement costs $30 or less (not including the vase). Vases can be purchased from a local dollar store or vase distributor when buying in large quantities. Pre-ordering bunches of flowers at the local grocery store or flower market is the easiest way to save money. Splitting the bunches between arrangements also helps to keep the costs down. Keep the arrangements simple and make sure you cut the stems with sharp shears and remove all of the leaves on the stems, before arranging, to ensure a long lasting arrangement. I like to cut the stems daily to prolong the freshness of the flowers. I also recommend spritzing the flowers with water to prevent the flowers from wilting – especially if the flowers are being transported or displayed outdoors on a hot day.

If you’re craft and decor challenged, this is a super simple low profile centerpiece that even you can put together. 2 to 3 bunches of mini carnations, in a single colour, in a square vase makes a nice modern centerpiece. You can use larger carnations and roses to achieve a similar look.

If you prefer something more traditional, consider brunches of freesia against a backdrop of salal tips and variegated greens. The combination of whites and greens evokes a sense of elegance and freshness. Smaller votive centerpieces are great for smaller tables or bridal showers. Consider putting together 2 to 3 roses, off-center, in a small vase with a small grouping of mini-carnations, freesia and variegated greens. In this arrangement, I used floral foam, soaked in water, to arrange the flowers to keep them in place.

Happy flower arranging!

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