Tea Party Celebration at the Maplelea Seasonal Store

Next to the Christmas holidays, my second favourite time of the year is the time of my daughter’s birthday. I love planning her birthday parties and she loves brainstorming ideas with me. Similar to last year’s birthday party, we continued with the theme of a tea party but, this year, we collaborated with Maplelea Girls to host a fun tea party at the Maplelea seasonal store at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. As you can likely tell from my other birthday party posts, I love focusing on party details and the Maplelea party experience didn’t disappoint. My daughter and her friends had so much fun and some of the moms shared with me that their daughters couldn’t stop talking about the party for days after the event.

We first heard about Maplelea dolls, also thought of by some as the Canadian version of American Girl, several years ago. We loved the Canadian themed dolls and the wonderful doll furniture and accessories (think mini shearling boots, snowshoes, hockey uniforms and child and doll matching PJs) that are, in my opinion, higher quality and more detailed than most other doll accessories. The sizing of the dolls are the same as the American Girl dolls and, as such, all of the accessories fit both dolls and the price point is less than the American Girl doll price point.We selected the Tea Party package and hosted 12 guests (and their dolls!) for the 2 hour tea party at the back of the Maplelea store in a quaint space decorated in a cottage theme. Hosted by two Maplelea staff, the party was well serviced and the children were able to enjoy tea with their dolls, create a craft (there are a number of party activities from which to choose) and play musical chairs with their dolls.

When we arrived in the store, a long table was set up and well decorated with colourful placemats, potted floral arrangements and place settings, including fancy glass goblets for the children. As it was a “doll and child” tea party, a doll high chair was situated next to each child’s seat. The store had a colourful happy birthday banner already affixed in the backdrop so, amazingly, we barely had to bring anything to the party to set up. It was very stress-free and easy to arrive knowing that all of the party details had been taken care of.

The only thing that I brought along were tea themed birthday cupcakes that I made for the party.

I was most impressed by the little party details, which included a mini birthday t-shirt and skirt for my daughter’s doll. She also received a large version of the birthday shirt as part of the Maplelea party package. The “child and doll” tea experience was also fantastic. Each doll received a small toy plate, a piece of candy to “eat”, a toy slice of cake and toy goblet of lemonade – all of which were ultimately included in the loot bags for the guests as part of the party package. The children received unlimited lemonade an assortment of tea finger sandwiches and goodies served on tiered dessert stands!  During the craft activity, the children made little lunch kits for the dolls comprised of tiny sandwiches, Oreo like cookies and carrot sticks.

This was the easiest party that I’ve ever planned. During a very busy time of the year, I actually appreciated coordinating with Maplelea for a stress-free and fun party for my daughter. It was a lovely experience and one that I have recommended to my family and friends. The Maplelea seasonal store won’t be around forever. It closes in March so you’ll want to check it out at Yorkdale Mall before it’s gone!

*Our Maplelea birthday tea party was courtesy of Maplelea. However, all opinions are my own.


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