Flowering Cabbage and Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers. I love the fullness of the blooms and the variety of hydrangea shades. I typically select white or light green hydrangeas for my arrangements in the spring season. However, this past week, I walked into one of my local flower shops and was inspired by the pastel pink hydrangeas on display. I know it’s the fall season so pastels are, officially, out. But I thought to myself, who cares about the colour rules if I like the flower?

I was pretty sure I could turn the pastel hydrangeas into a cool weather floral arrangement with the addition of flowering cabbage and dusty miller or lamb’s ear. If you’ve always thought that cabbage was just for eating, think again! Flowering cabbage is really versatile in floral arrangements because it comes in a variety of shades – from light cream/green to deep shades of purple/green. I’m also a fan of dusty miller and lamb’s ear because the texture and colour is reminiscent of a light morning frost on green foliage.

This is what I ended up arranging after pairing white, light green and pink hydrangeas with light cream/green flowering cabbage and dusty miller.


0img_3708I was also reminded of the purple flowering cabbage I used last fall when I put these arrangements together as a gift for my colleagues. The richer colour palette is more dramatic but I think the cabbage works well with both light and dark flowers for the fall or winter.img_9457 img_9458

Experimenting with different flowers is half the fun! So the lesson is that you can ignore the colour rules, but think of creative ways to adapt your favourite flowers to the current season.

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