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        Intelligent glass insulation coating

        contacts: Mr. Yang
        Number: 18603087218
        Q Q: 2224548686
        Email: 2224548686@qq.com
        Address: No.2, Shengjiang Road, Magang Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
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        Product introduction


        Intellectual Glass Heat Insulation

        Warm Keeping Coating


        Foshan Ruipeimu Intellectual Coating Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of intellectual glass heat insulation coating, the leading brand of international heat insulation and warm keeping. Our products are competitive both at home and abroad. When coating on the glass surface, the intellectual glass heat insulation coating is crystal-clear and transparent, the plating film is even and has excellent water tolerance function, higher surface hardness (2H), extra strong bonding force of grade 0. The product has good function of acid & alkali resistance, fungus resistance, humidity prevention, temperature resistance withstanding, weather resistance and flame resistance.

        Coating material is the simple component environmental friendly aqueous material, which can be widely used on any glass surface, it is not only good in light transmission, but also isolate the radiation of solar heat effectively, presenting obvious intuition. The coating thickness is only 8 to 12 μm, the visible light transmission rate is above 85%, shielding more than 90% ultra violet, with isolating rate over 80%, the simple layer heat isolation glass can make the temperature of basked object lower than over 18, to reduce the room temperature by 8 to 10, saving 50% energy, which can achieve the effect of cool in summer and warm in winter. The intellectual heat isolation coating can be widely used in the heat isolation and energy saving of glass of space vehicle, construction, vehicle and ship, in which 99% are the energy consumption glass, if 20% to 30% of which adopt intellectual glass heat insulation coating, the output value will reach over 500 billion.


        產品功能;Product function:



        3、超強的阻隔太陽光源中的有害光線。 90%以上的紫外線能被玻璃阻隔,370nm紫外線穿透只有8%,創造舒適,健康的室內環境,同事防止室內窗簾。地毯,家具及其各類擺設物得老化,退色,脆裂等傷害,


        1. Glass heat insulation coating is a kind of aqueous liquid composed by metal oxidized nano materials and advanced organic technology, the tawny product is non-toxic, non-irritating, acid and alkaline resistant. Within 20 minutes in ambient temperature, the coating will turn into film, touch dry, complete curing in about 5 to 7 days; one layer of 8 to 10 μm tawny film will be formed on the glass surface.

        2. Ultra strong heat insulation effect, warm in winter and cool in summer. For example, to set the indoor air condition at 28 in summer, the glass heat insulation coating film can block 80% infrared ray, but the temperature close to the glass will reduce by 18,the overall indoor temperature will reduce by 8 to 10, it can save 50% power consumption; in winter, the high molecular substance of glass coating can prevent the loss of infrared ray from the glass of door and windows, so it can keep temperature of 10 in winter.

        3. Ultra strong insulation to the hazardous light in solar light: Over 90% ultra violet can be blocked by the glass, only 8% penetration in 370nm ultra violet, that create a comfortable and healthy ambient environment and prevent the aging, discoloring and cracking of curtain, carpet and furniture.

        4. With the good market environment, policy guidance, product advantages and competitive price, the product must be accepted by the businessmen and society.


          產品特點;Product features:


          Ultra high hardness and scratch resistance, ultra high light transmittance, outstanding water resistance, solvent resistance and good bonding force.


          物理性質; Physical property
        以下為典型數據,但不應視為規格:外觀、深蘭色透明液體、不揮發固含量(以重量計)、 32~34.0%、比重;1.06/毫升、布氏粘度,RVT2號轉子,60RPM)、50~400厘泊、pH 


        The following are the typical data but it shall not be regarded as the specification: Appearance, dark blue transparent liquid, content of nonvolatile solid (base on weight): 32~34.0%; specific gravity: 1.06g/ml; brookfield viscosity, RVT (No. 2 rotor, 60 RPM), 50~400 centipoise, pH value: 7~8; stable system; surfactant (anion).



        Package: 1 to 20 kg

        Storage period: 2 years

        Construction process: Spray coating


        Contact person: manager Yang
        Tel: 18603087218
        Contact Q: 2224548686
        Email address: 2224548686@qq.com
        Address: No.2 Shengjiang Road, Magang Industrial Zone, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
        Foshan repim Intelligent Coating Co., Ltd. specializes in intelligent oxygen bar, intelligent self-cleaning coating, transparent glass heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation coating, intelligent heat insulation waterproof coating, intelligent clear glass heat insulation coating, intelligent trace repair waterproof coating, intelligent energy storage luminous coating and other businesses. Interested customers please consult us, Tel: 18603087218 (the same number of wechat)

        Professional manufacturer of water paints & UV paints( heat insulation,waterproof,anti corrosion,mute,thermosensitive,luminescent ) for over 15 years in China.Application:Building coatings,Industrial Equipment Coatings,Construction and Decoration coatings.

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