Magical Unicorn Macarons

The unicorn craze is full on. Unicorns seem to be everywhere these days – t-shirts, stuffed animals, cupcakes, cakes, pool floats, pillows and the list goes on! These legendary creatures represent magic and hope. No wonder they’re so popular.

Inspired by these fantastical creatures, I tried my hand at unicorn macarons last weekend with my daughter. It was super fun to make also super fun for the kids to eat.

Some quick tips:

  • Find a macaron recipe that works for you. See my Confetti Macaron Recipe that can be adapted to make unicorn macarons. Instead of dipping the sides of the macarons into confetti sprinkles, you can make the filling using a mix of colours. Though, the confetti sprinkles would also be another great option.
  • Make the horn and ears out of fondant in advance. They can be stored in a container for a week or two and inserted when you make the macarons.
  • When creating the ears, a fast trick is to use a small petal shaped cutter to make perfectly shaped ears.
  • The eyelids can be drawn with an edible marker.
  • Dust the horn and ears with edible gold dust and the unicorn face with edible pink dust for extra effect.
  • Use tiny star shaped piping tips to create the flowers. I also used a tiny leaf piping tip for the baby pink “hair” on the right hand side of the unicorn face.




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