Tokyo: Albino Strawberries?

When I first saw these in Tokyo, I immediately referred to them as albino strawberries because of the whitish colour of the flesh. However, I soon learned that they were not, in fact, albino strawberries. These were prized “Hatsukoi no kaori” (Scent of First Love) strawberries. Notwithstanding the look of the strawberries, I’ve been told that they are incredibly sweet and flavourful. This variety of strawberry was created by cross-breeding pineapples and strawberries resulting in a strawberry that actually tastes like a pineapple. While I was tempted to try some, the $75 price tag for the box of strawberries made me decide against it. 

As I perused the Hatsukoi no kaori, I learned from my good friend, who lives in Tokyo, that the Japanese are incredibly fond of gifting “perfect” or luxury fruit on special occasions. The luxury fruit store where I stumbled upon the the Hatsukoi no kaori was “Sun Fruits” in Tokyo Midtown.

Midtown Sunfruits
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The store featured a variety of pastries and incredibly beautiful – and expensive – fruit; including “perfect” cantaloupe at $100 a piece… 

and perfectly ripened mangoes – in hues of golden orange and yellow – at approximately $20 per mango!

If you’re wondering what perfect grapes look like…

image (2)
While the price tags were steep, it’s well worth a visit just to marvel at the perfectly engineered fruit.

Where: Sun Fruits
Location: Tokyo Midtown, Japan